Computadora y digital

A global economy and internet-connected society mean that we are on our devices more than ever. Work and play both rely on screens for many of us, but all that connectivity comes with a downside. The blue light radiating from phones, computers, e-readers and tablets can cause digital eye strain.

Eagle Eyes Optics® has an innovative solution to blue light exposure: DigiTec® eyewear. This technology can block or filter blue light to give you better color contrast. When you wear our DigiTec® glasses or attachments, you can see your digital content clearly and reduce eye strain for less discomfort.

Reduce Symptoms of Eye Strain

If you experience blurry vision, headaches and tired or dry eyes when using your digital devices, you may have eye strain. Also known as computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain can make your eyes work harder under any circumstance, even when you are not using your devices.

You may also have neck and shoulder pain, especially if you work hard to find a comfortable position to see your screens without a glare. You can imagine that ongoing digital eye strain can take a toll on your vision if not addressed. DigiTec® glasses can minimize these symptoms and help you see better whenever your day or night involves screen time.

Supplement Your Prescription

If you currently wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you may still be subject to blue light radiation. With DigiTec® glasses worn over your contacts, you can have crisp vision when using your digital devices.

Our FitOn® and ClipOn fitover styles fit over or onto your prescription lenses for comfort and convenience. There is no need to switch out glasses every time you move from one task or setting to the next. Simply clip the DigiTec® clip-on fitover style on top of your current glasses or slip the FitOn® glasses over them to filter out blue light and protect your vision.