Gafas de sol activas

Finding active sunglasses that stay put during exercise and other activities can be a challenge. It can be even more difficult to find active sunglasses that provide you with effective sunlight protection, durability and style. With Eagle Eyes® Optics, you don't need to make sacrifices. Our active sport sunglasses are designed with our customers in mind because we understand what's important when you look for functional frames. Whether you need them for sport or just for everyday wear, Eagle Eyes has you covered.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Eye Protection

Eagle Eyes' active sunglasses are built using our trademarked TriLenium® 7 Polarized lenses, which were developed using original NASA optics technology to block scattered blue light, reduce glare, enhance vision and block out 99.9% of harmful UV Radiation. These lenses were designed by replicating the oil droplets found in the eyes of eagles; that's why our blue light-blocking lenses are able to perform in even the harshest environments of space. Eagle Eyes is the only sunglasses line certified by the prestigious Space Foundation and inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, and when you try them on for the first time, you'll understand why.

Our active sunglasses are designed to meet your daily vision needs and provide optimal eye protection from harsh sunlight, all while fitting snugly on your face and improving vision clarity. If you're concerned with eye health, Eagle Eyes is just what you've been looking for.

Designed for Your Comfort

With multiple styles of sunglasses all designed with comfort and protection in mind, you can find exactly the pair you need for your activities. Whether you're looking for a pair of sport sunglasses to wear while running, biking, canoeing, exercising or just something to incorporate into your daily routine, our collection of active sunglasses is designed for you.

With our protective lenses, creative styles, designed comfort and enhanced durability, our sport sunglasses represent the crossroads between quality and class. If you're looking for the best activewear sunglasses, look no further than Eagle Eyes.