Are you ready to upgrade your sunglasses to maximize your vision protection without sacrificing style? With TriLenium® eyewear from Eagle Eyes Optics®, you can prevent vision damage from environmental factors and screen time.

Why TriLenium® Protects Better

What makes our TriLenium® technology superior to the typical non-polarized lens? Eagle Eyes® polarized glasses filter out 99.9% UVA and UVB rays that can damage your eyes, but they also block harmful blue light, allowing vision-enhancing red, orange, yellow and green light through for clearer visibility, especially on the sunniest day.  

TriLenium® lenses use optic technology developed by NASA to replicate the oil droplets found in eagle's eyes. Birds of prey can see clearly and have inherent protection from solar rays  thanks to their natural oils, and we replicate that level of vision protection with our innovative technology. The result is better protection and crisper vision, and who doesn't want that?

The Dangers of Solar and Blue Light Radiation

Our eyes face sun exposure from UVA and UVB rays every day, even in cloudy conditions. That constant solar radiation can damage your retinas and even contribute to developing cataracts with time.

Like UV ray exposure, blue light radiation is a constant threat to ocular health. Our eyes are vulnerable to blue light radiation, and they can get fatigued and experience dryness and irritation. Too much exposure can give you headaches, blurry vision and the potential for long-term damage.

Some research studies suggest that blue light radiation may even contribute to macular degeneration. TriLenium® lenses can make a big difference in protecting your eyes from long-term damage from solar and blue light radiation.

Radiating Style

When you select sunglasses, you may be just as concerned with how they look as with how they work. Eagle Eyes Optics® has TriLenium® technology in a full array of sunglass styles to fit your taste and lifestyle. From classic aviators to wrap-around sports frames, you can find the perfect pair of sunglasses that deliver.