Being in the military means you have to adapt to ever-changing conditions and landscapes. Throughout it all, you need equipment that delivers and doesn't slow you down. With military and tactical sunglasses from Eagle Eyes Optics®, you get the benefits of enhanced vision, even if you are a weekend warrior.

Our sunglasses give you better sun and eye protection to keep you safe on your next mission. These glasses can go with you off the grid or to the city and anywhere in between.

Fit for the Troops

What makes our military sunglasses a tactical win? The bottom line is they perform by giving you a comfortable, lightweight frame that does not interfere with your headgear or other equipment.

They don't just look tough; they are tough! The quality frame material takes a licking and doesn't miss a beat, so you don't have to worry about them being too delicate for your demanding work or play.

Our TriLenium® lenses keep out dust, dirt and debris while blocking up to 99.9% UVA and UVB rays and 96% blue light radiation. We have polarized, non-polarized and even mirrored lenses that are scratch-resistant, smudge-proof and water-repellant.

Better Technology on the Double

The military demands a lot from its gear without spending a fortune. Eagle Eyes Optics® has sunglasses at a range of price points to help you find something that fits your budget.

We design our military sunglasses to be high-performance. That means they stand up to any condition or activity and look fantastic doing it. Whether you want a traditional aviator frame or like the style of a wrap-around sunglass, you can get a great price on an even greater pair of sunglasses.