Men's Sunglasses

When you're looking for the right pair of sunglasses, you often consider a lot of factors. Will the sunglasses provide enough protection? Are they durable and made with quality materials? Will they work for what I need them for? Do they look good? A lot of the time, we find ourselves settling, whether we're looking for men's fashion sunglasses or everyday shades. However, Eagle Eyes Optics' line of sunglasses for men are designed with you in mind. No settling necessary - you can find quality protection, durability, style and more in any pair of sunglasses sold by Eagle Eyes.

NASA-Developed Precision Protection

Our men's sunglasses don't just feature standard sunlight protection, they feature advanced technology originally developed by NASA. Eagle Eyes' TriLenium® polarized lenses provide advanced blocking of scattered blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation. These sunglasses were designed by replicating oil droplets found in the eyes of eagles in order to create lenses that perform in even the harshest environments of space. Despite blocking harmful radiation, TriLenium polarized lenses still allow vision-enhancing light - resulting in better contrast, higher definition, and more vivid imagery.

Eagle Eyes' TriLenium polarized lenses are the only sunglass lenses that are certified by the Space Foundation and inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. We seek only to provide ultimate and vital eyesight protection and enhanced visual clarity to our customers.

Expand Your Vision

Our vision is something that we might not truly appreciate until we experience its loss. Whether this is due to lighting, environment, medical conditions or just getting older, experiencing the inability to see can remind us of just how important this sense is. That's why Eagle Eyes focuses on you, the customer. With a range of stylish options, from classy aviator sunglasses for men to activewear glasses for those of you on the move, we provide sunglasses that are up to your standards - sunglasses that are meant to remind you just how important your vision is. Eagle Eyes has the potential to change lives. Find your pair today.