Aluminum Line

One of the best parts of Eagle Eyes Optics® sunglasses is our incredible selection. Case in point is our collection of aluminum frames. Not everyone is a fan of plastic frames, which can be thicker than a metal frame.

With our aluminum frames, you get minimalist style and unparalleled durability, and who doesn't want that? Of course, our aluminum sunglasses use innovative technology, as you would expect and can count on from Eagle Eyes Optics®.

Aviation-Quality Aluminum

For sunglasses to last, you need a superior frame to hold them together. We make our metal frames with nickel-free aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is lightweight and sturdy enough for aircraft manufacturing.

Then, we coat the frame with a special antioxidant treatment to protect them from dampness and oxidization. Finally, we add a spring hinge at the temple for extra flexibility and extra comfort.

The result is an aluminum frame that holds up to wear and tear without deteriorating or falling apart. Our metal sunglasses are thinner and unlike plastic, they do not get brittle from UV exposure. In short, they are built to last.

Minimalist Style for Modern Sensibilities

With Eagle Eyes Optic's aluminum sunglasses, you have the perfect accessory to keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. We have a range of sunglass designs to fit your mood or activity, from aviators to semi-rimless sports frames.

You can also choose your specialty lenses to fit your needs. For example, if you need sporty eye protection to help you see when driving, running or cycling after dark, you may want to go with the Fusion NL. On the other hand, you may want sophisticated sunglasses to take you from work to travel, like our sleek Carbon frame.

When you wear aluminum frames from Eagle Eyes Optics®, you can see and feel the difference advanced technology makes.