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Night-Lite® Anti-Glare Lens Technology is scientifically engineered to enhance your vision in low light conditions. Our special micro-infused yellow lenses with optical grade Anti-Reflective (AR) coating absorb both harmful UV plus scattered blue light, and help filter out high intensity glare from oncoming headlights, street lights and illuminated billboards.
See All Night-Lite® Anti-Glare Lens Technology.

    • 2X Scratch-Guard Inner and Outer Lens Coatings
    • Optical Grade Anti-Reflective (Anti-Glare) Inner Lens Coating
    • Yellow Lenses Block out Harmful UV and Blue Light
    • Enhances Contrast Sensitivity and Scene Definition
    • Reduces Glare from Headlights, Street Lights and Reflective Glare
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See-More® Non-Polarized Lens System

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