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Our Avian® Lens Technology was originally patented by SunTiger, Inc. in 1990 and is the original and authentic blue light blocking lens. Our Avian® glasses were first worn by Chase Jet Pilots in the U.S. space shuttle program and in the U.S. Olympics and World Sporting Clay tournaments. Depended upon by top shooters and sports figures around the world, these orange-glow lenses with Anti-Reflective (AR) lens coating are designed to filter out specific light rays while making targets and objects “glow” for total focus in distracting outdoor surroundings.

You get exceptional visual definition and contrast – especially at great distances. Our Avians® give you the power, visual stamina and competitive edge you need for maximum performance!
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  • 2X Scratch-Guard Inner and Outer Lens Coatings
  • Oleophobic (Smudge-Proof) Inner and Outer Lens Coating
  • Hydrophobic (Waterproof) Inner and Outer Lens Coating
  • Optical Grade Anti-Reflective (Anti-Glare) Inner Lens Coating
  • Orange-Glow Lenses Block out Harmful UV and Blue Light
  • Helps Enhance Targets and Objects at Great Distances
  • Helps Enhance Contrast and Hand-Eye Coordination for Superior Performance
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Avian Non-Polarized Lens System

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